TECHNIGOR 3-cone bits

We are a European producer of series of high quality roller cone bits designed for mining, geophysical and geotechnical applications.

Our products have got latest design and meet the evolving needs of the users .

The customers' feedback is analyzed and taken into consideration in continuous improvement of our drilling tools.

Please note that we have moved to a new premises and our address has changed. Therefore, please send all your correspondence to our new address. All other contact details remain unchanged.

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About us

TECHNIGOR products are well-engineered and finished to a high quality in accordance with applicable industry standards at our design and technological headquaters.
We deliver reliable and high performance drilling tools developed using the latest manufacturing technologies and high quality materials delivered by qualified local and international suppliers.
Our experienced technical and production teams seek to guarantee high quality and continuous product improvement. We understand the evolving needs of the industry and develop new products to meet the requirements of our clients.
User satisfaction with the performance of TECHNIGOR products is confirmed by field reports.


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Our products

We manufacture roller bits designed for drilling bore-holes in coal mining, civil engineering, geotechnical and geophysical applications.

TECHNIGOR Rock Bits Design TECHNIGOR Tricone Bits Nomenclature TECHNIGOR Tricone Production Program TECHNIGOR Tricone Bits Drilling Practices
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IADC Codes

International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) has introduced a system to describe and categorize roller cone bits of different manufacturers by means of 3-digit numer. It makes easier for drillers to describe what kind of drill bits they need.

IADC First digit IADC Second digit IADC Third digit DownloadPDF

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TECHNIGOR Tricone Bits Catalogue in English TECHNIGOR Tricone Bits Catalogue in Spanish

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We obtained ISO9001:2015 certification in February 2018, and have been continuously improving our products and quality level for customer satisfaction.

TECHNIGOR Certyfikat ISO 9001:2015

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2B Wincenty Pol Street
38-300 Gorlice
email: sekretariat@technigor.pl
Phone: +48 882 908 099

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